Brand History

The founder of NINE WOODS RED finded out that play drums can improve people's intellectual balance and develop children's mental development. For children, in addition to understanding the culture and inheritance of drum, it also has the function of entertainment.
With enthusiasm and adherence to traditional culture, NINE WOODS RED was founded in 2004, and actively produced and developed Chinese and foreign drum techniques. With "professional, innovative and inheritance" as the main tenet of the team, it retains the characteristics of traditional crafts, presents innovative thinking of modern aesthetic concepts, and develops the characteristic style of new drum culture techniques. In 2014, Xiamen Nine Woods Red Instrument Manufacturing Co., LTD. was established.


Sales Manager:Mr. Cary Zhang


Add:Room 104,Floor 1,Building 2,NO.8 Zhongcang Road,Haicang District,Xiamen,China.