Xiamen Nine Woods Red Instrument Manufacturing Co., LTD., is located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, Fujian province.

 We are a professional manufacturer, specializing in research, development and manufacturing of drums.

We have a large number of skillful craftsmen, continuously improving our products. Production is based on traditional processes giving products an authentic feeling.

Nine Woods Red has been producing drums for monasteries, schools,  government agencies, enterprises and musical institutes at home and abroad. We have a number of stable wholesalers worldwide.

Since its establishment, Nine Woods Red has always been committed to the mission of "Inheriting classical culture of drum, carrying forward this excellent traditional culture" and the principle of "Professionally customized products, Quality guarantee and Customer satisfaction".

We are focused on continuously being innovative and improving production techniques, yet keeping the traditional charm of drum manufacturing when spreading the culture of drums to the world.


Sales Manager:Mr. Cary Zhang



Add:Room 104,Floor 1,Building 2,NO.8 Zhongcang Road,Haicang District,Xiamen,China.